Airlines + Airports

22 Sep 2022

22 September 2022 After a summer of record breaking temperatures exacerbated by global heating, advertising billboards across Europe have been hacked with more than 500 satirical artworks, unveiled today, to highlight the role of airline marketing in driving up greenhouse gas emissions.  Campaigners are calling on the EU Commission to introduce tobacco-style advertising bans to curb demand on flights and prevent emissions from rising further. Sign the #BanFossilAds petition Advertising panels in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Liège, Lisbon, Rome, Nantes,…

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COP21 Climate Talks

19 Mar 2017

Brandalism 2015 – COP21 Climate Talks The United Nations 21st ‘Conference of Parties’ that took place in December 2015 was aimed at establishing a global agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Yet in 20 years of UN climate change talks, global emissions have risen by 63%. Increasingly, these talks are dominated by corporate interests as powerful corporate lobbying groups and networks pressure state leaders to protect their business interests at the expense…

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