Bill Posters keynote @ Guardians of the Earth premiere, Vienna

02 Nov 2017

    Bill Posters Keynote @ ‘Guardians of the Earth’ Film Premiere Venue: Gartenbaukino, Vienna, Austria 15th Nov 19:30pm Tickets: here After 21 years of continuous failure of UN Climate negotiations, delegates from 195 countries, 20,000 worldwide negotiators gather on a military-protected private airport in the north of Paris together for one last attempt to save the earth. Behind closed doors, the delegates have to agree on the first global agreement against climate change. This will determine our life for…

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Fearless Cities

04 Jun 2017

  Fear and uncertainty seem to have settled into our societies, not only among citizens, but also political leaders and transnational corporations who see their capitals and centres of power stagger in the face of the combined effects of slowing global economic growth, imminent energy decline and increasing climate chaos. In this context, we are  witnessing a multitude of responses, with three approaches that stand out. The first response attempts to regain control and security through new forms of authoritarianism…

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The Subvertisers International Launches with #SubvertTheCity

17 Apr 2017

  Towards a Global Subvertising Movement – Brandalism & Friends launch the Subvertisers International (SI) Over the course of the last year Brandalism has been working alongside friends, artists, collectives, NGOs and activists to create a new international network of subvertisers. We are pleased to announce that the Subvertisers International (SI) launched in March 2017 with a global week of coordinated art activism entitled #SubvertThecity. As a result, the SI’s public ‘Call To Action’ saw over 500 corporate advertising panels…

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Brandalism @ The Art Conference Roundtable, March 15th, London

12 Mar 2017

Brandalism @ The Art Conference, London The Art Conference has welcomed some exceptional individuals to the TAC Stage in London and New York. From artists to gallery directors, curators to collectors. TAC Speakers are hand-selected by director Tina Ziegler for their unique vision, experience and the contributions they have made to Contemporary art.   For tickets to the event and for further information click here

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Advertising Shits In Your Head – Book Release, February 2017

18 Feb 2017

Advertising Shits In Your Head – Strategies For Resistance Advertising Shits In Your Head combines theory and practice in one short book about the modern subvertising movement. Featuring: Public Ad Campaign, Brandalism, Special Patrol Group and Dr. D. Now available online and from selected bookshops. Dog Section Press is a not-for-profit publisher and all of our publications are printed with Calverts, a workers’ co-operative. Brandalism is pleased to have our project included in this publication alongside our good friends from…

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David Crowley – ‘On Advertising’ (The Poster Remediated)

14 Jul 2016

    Below is the essay ‘On Advertising’ by curator David Crowley from the exhibition catalogue for ‘The Poster Remediated’, 25th International Poster Biennial, Poster Museum, Warsaw. Professor David Crowley is Head of Critical Writing in Art & Design, Royal College of Art, London.   ‘On Advertising’   Do you recall the adverts which you passed this morning on your way to school or work? If you took a bus or train, was it decorated with enticements to consume? Was…

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