Bill Posters keynote @ Guardians of the Earth premiere, Vienna

02 Nov 2017



Bill Posters Keynote @ ‘Guardians of the Earth’ Film Premiere

Venue: Gartenbaukino, Vienna, Austria

15th Nov 19:30pm

Tickets: here

After 21 years of continuous failure of UN Climate negotiations, delegates from 195 countries, 20,000 worldwide negotiators gather on a military-protected private airport in the north of Paris together for one last attempt to save the earth. Behind closed doors, the delegates have to agree on the first global agreement against climate change. This will determine our life for the next decades and set a milestone in multilateral diplomacy: A treaty for every human being the earth, alive or unborn – one pact that will decide if we survive as a species.

Guardians of the Earth shows the struggle for the monumental agreement from the perspective of five main characters – including the head of the UNFCCC climate department, the chief negotiators of the exporting countries of fossil Fuels and of the most destruction threatened states. Unique material gives insight into the process behind closed doors and reveals the conflict one globalized society: the dilemma between solidarity and national self-interest – the fight for economic growth on the one side – the massive loss of life on the other side. At the same time, the sea level continues to rise, glaciers Melt, heat waves, drought and super typhoons are part of everyday life – climate change is already a reality. Rich against poor, victims against profiteers. Guardians of the Earth becomes a reflection of a global community – narrated by five high-ranking figures and insiders of the negotiations.