Barclays #FossilBank – revealing the true role of Barclays in the climate crisis

21 Sep 2021

Activists have hijacked ad spaces in 20 UK towns and cities to highlight Barclays’ continued funding of fossil fuels and deforestation, in the run up to COP26 As Barclays prepares to announce a new climate policy, more than 200 mock adverts have been installed at billboards and bus stops across the UK. The spoof ads spotlight Barclays’ role in financing climate breakdown, adding to growing public pressure for big banks to clean up their act.  Dubbed ‘the dirtiest bank in…

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Dodgy banks out of football: Standard Chartered Bank’s fossil fuel investments exposed on Liverpool billboards

11 May 2021

Liverpool has seen its billboards and bus stops ‘hacked’ by activists over the weekend, in a campaign to expose Liverpool sponsor Standard Chartered for its fossil fuel links. Over 50 posters and billboards have appeared across the city, critiquing the the bank’s continued financing of destructive fossil fuel projects in South-East Asia. Standard Chartered is a UK bank that’s little known in its home country. Most of its customers are in South-East Asia, where it operates large numbers of retail…

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One bank, two sides – HSBC’s brand comes under renewed attack

14 Apr 2021

Satirical HSBC posters have again appeared across billboard and bus stop advertising spaces in Britain critiquing HSBC’s heavy financing of fossil fuel projects around the world. Around 100 posters appeared in six (currently undisclosed) English cities. A poster artwork by Darren Cullen reads: “Some crisis are so urgent they require immediate action, like when we froze the bank accounts of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. But for other crisis, like catastrophic global warming, our shareholders require a slower more relaxed…

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Over 250 statirical HSBC posters appear on UK billboards, bus stops and tube ad spaces

05 Nov 2020

Dozens of anonymous installation teams in 15 British cities have installed a range of HSBC poster artworks in a ‘right of reply’ to the bank’s recent ad campaign. The artworks highlight the things we don’t see in HSBC’s official adverts: such as the £67 billion worth of investments in fossil fuel projects it has invested since 2016. This includes financing for fracked gas, oil drilling resulting in deforestation and gas extraction projects which has led to community displacement and human…

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Parody car adverts hit UK cities

05 Sep 2020

A wave of parody car adverts have appeared on billboards and bus stop in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Leeds and London – as pressure grows on the car industry advertising. More car subvert artworks can be seen on our Projects page.

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Brandalism exhibit in ‘Hope To Nope’, Design Museum, London

24 Feb 2018

Hope to Nope: Design Museum exhibition to examine contemporary political protest The Design Museum in London has announced details of its forthcoming exhibition Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-18. The exhibition will examine the political graphic design of the past decade through artefacts ranging from traditional posters and banners to the rise of digital media and social networks that have extended the reach and changed the nature of protest. Brandalism will be exhibiting a selection of art works for…

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‘Surviving A Brandalism Attack’ – Ex Google & Apple Lawyers Publish Legal Advice for Corporations

27 Jan 2018

– ‘How To Survive A Brandalism Attack’ – Ex Google & Apple Lawyers Publish Legal Advice For Corporations Words by Bill Posters. Intro On the 1st of January 2015, a curious legal paper appeared in Volume 10 of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice entitled ‘Brandalism & Subvertising – Hoisting Brands with their own petard?’ (what this actually means we will get to later). Within its pages, two lawyers – one ex-Google, one ex-Apple had taken the time…

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Advertising Shits In Your Head – A (Critical) Book Review, Finally…

27 Jan 2018

Advertising Shits In Your Head – Book Review   Below is one of the most intriguing, critical reviews of Dog Section Press’ Advertising Shits In Your Head, the recent underground (only 1000 copies printed) publication on the emerging subvertising movement. You can read the words from Graffiti Review below, pulled from their original article entitled ‘Changing The Urban Wallpaper’ which as published in January 2018. Hopefully their analysis of subvertising and the socio-political aspects attached to the practice will inspire…

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Jordan Seiler releases ‘Collisions’ Zine

09 Jan 2018

Collisions Our good friend Jordan Seiler has released his eagerly anticipated zine that delves into a selection of his international interventions that form a solid global survey of his ‘Collisions’ series. Here are some words from Jordan about a deeply personal project which is both political and artistic in its subversive nature followed by one of the zine’s written pieces by Thomas Dekeyser.   Collisions – A series ‘One of my ongoing personal projects these past few years has been…

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Brandalism Showreel – 2017

10 Dec 2017

  Enjoy a short roundup of some of our previous interventions, actions and projects. Here’s to more #Brandalism in 2018 and beyond. #Advertisingshitsinyourhead

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HACK: How to Turn A Light Bulb Into A Paint Bomb – Tutorial

26 Nov 2017

  How To Turn A Lightbulb Into A Paint Bomb   Epos257 is one of the Czech Republic’s most loved urban interventionists. During the Czech national elections Epos and graffiti writers from across Prague joined forces to create Posse 228 – a guerilla art group that went on to wage war (literally) against the political propoganda that smothered the city on billboards prior to the election. The video below outlines their demands, before they infiltrate the city and ‘shoot’ the…

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Bill Posters keynote @ Guardians of the Earth premiere, Vienna

02 Nov 2017

    Bill Posters Keynote @ ‘Guardians of the Earth’ Film Premiere Venue: Gartenbaukino, Vienna, Austria 15th Nov 19:30pm Tickets: here After 21 years of continuous failure of UN Climate negotiations, delegates from 195 countries, 20,000 worldwide negotiators gather on a military-protected private airport in the north of Paris together for one last attempt to save the earth. Behind closed doors, the delegates have to agree on the first global agreement against climate change. This will determine our life for…

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Ad Hacking On The Underground – A Subvertising Tutorial

14 Jul 2017

  Ad Hacking On The Underground If you’ve travelled on the London Underground over the last year or so, you may have noticed some unusual advertising signs courtesy of Special Patrol Group and friends. Some have been subvertisements for Banksy’s Dismaland, created in the same visual language as Transport For London’s advertisements however these served a different purpose entirely, created in protest (for many valid reasons) against the taxpayer-subsidised DSEI arms fair in London. Revolt Design killed it (metaphorically) with…

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Brandalism Exhibit @ ‘Cultural HIjack’, ARCHIP Institute, Prague

26 Jun 2017

‘Cultural Hijack; the poetics of resistance and the politics of space’ Architectural Institute in Prague 24th June 2017 – 9th September 2017 Brandalism have been invited to exhibit works alongside some of the world’s most influential interventionist artists at the Architectural Institute in Prague, Czech Republic. Cultural Hijack explores the role of activist art and public intervention as practices of resistance across the landscapes of contemporary crisis.  Combining exhibition and live interventions throughout the city, Cultural Hijack brings together international…

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Fearless Cities

04 Jun 2017

  Fear and uncertainty seem to have settled into our societies, not only among citizens, but also political leaders and transnational corporations who see their capitals and centres of power stagger in the face of the combined effects of slowing global economic growth, imminent energy decline and increasing climate chaos. In this context, we are  witnessing a multitude of responses, with three approaches that stand out. The first response attempts to regain control and security through new forms of authoritarianism…

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The Subvertisers International Launches with #SubvertTheCity

17 Apr 2017

  Towards a Global Subvertising Movement – Brandalism & Friends launch the Subvertisers International (SI) Over the course of the last year Brandalism has been working alongside friends, artists, collectives, NGOs and activists to create a new international network of subvertisers. We are pleased to announce that the Subvertisers International (SI) launched in March 2017 with a global week of coordinated art activism entitled #SubvertThecity. As a result, the SI’s public ‘Call To Action’ saw over 500 corporate advertising panels…

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Brandalism @ The Art Conference Roundtable, March 15th, London

12 Mar 2017

Brandalism @ The Art Conference, London The Art Conference has welcomed some exceptional individuals to the TAC Stage in London and New York. From artists to gallery directors, curators to collectors. TAC Speakers are hand-selected by director Tina Ziegler for their unique vision, experience and the contributions they have made to Contemporary art.   For tickets to the event and for further information click here

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Advertising Shits In Your Head – Book Review by Rob Hopkins, Co-founder, Transition Network

09 Mar 2017

Advertising Shits In Your Head – A Book Review by Rob Hopkins, Co-founder, Transition Network I first came across this book when I became one of the 202 people who supported the crowdfunder that enabled it to be published, purely on the basis that any book with that particular title deserves to be published.  The book itself arrived the other day, and it’s fantastic (you can either read the whole thing free online here, or buy it here).  But why,…

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Subvertising – Art as Activism: 3 Interviews, 3 Perspectives

26 Feb 2017

Subvertising – Art as Activism Vyvian Raoul brings us three exclusive interviews with the subvertising artists featured in a new book on the contemporary subvertising movement entitled ‘Advertising Shits In Your Head’. You’ll have seen subvertising popping up everywhere recently, from co-ordinated campaigns against advertising and the state to individual artists taking autonomous action, like Hogre. Campaigning groups are also using the technique to make political points, whether about the UK government’s inhumane deportation system or the lack of recognition…

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Advertising Shits In Your Head – Book Release, February 2017

18 Feb 2017

Advertising Shits In Your Head – Strategies For Resistance Advertising Shits In Your Head combines theory and practice in one short book about the modern subvertising movement. Featuring: Public Ad Campaign, Brandalism, Special Patrol Group and Dr. D. Now available online and from selected bookshops. Dog Section Press is a not-for-profit publisher and all of our publications are printed with Calverts, a workers’ co-operative. Brandalism is pleased to have our project included in this publication alongside our good friends from…

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Brandalism Exhibition @ European Green Party Summit, Brussels

06 Feb 2017

  European Ideas Lab – Brussels, February 2nd – 5th, 2017 The European Ideas Lab aims at bringing together changemakers from all over Europe. Everyday activists, civil society organisations, citizens’ movements, artists and Green innovators come from different backgrounds and fields but share the same objective: bring a positive change in society. Brandalism was approached in late 2016 by the European Green Party and asked to curate an exhibition of artworks to engage European MEP’s, civil society members and activists…

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Brandalism receive ‘Activist of the Year’ award – Communication Sans Frontiers, Paris, France

07 Dec 2016

    Brandalism win ‘Activist of the Year’ award 2016   Brandalism has been named ‘ activist of the year’ by Communication Sans Frontiers –  during the annual, ethical communications awards programme in Paris, France. This award wraps up an incredibly inspiring year for Brandalism as we follow in the footsteps of Sea Shephard’s Paul Watson, who was the previous recipient of this award in 2015.     Unique of its kind, where NGOs, agencies, advertisers, media and actors of…

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Brandalism awarded Italian UNESCO Commission ‘Cambiamenti Climatici’ Grand Jury award, Venice

01 Dec 2016

    Brandalism receive ‘Grand Challenge’ 2016 Award In October 2016, Brandalism was selected to receive the Commissione Nazionale Italiana UNESCO 2016 ‘Grand Challenge’ jury award as part of the annual ‘International Contest of Communication and Creativity’ from the Università Ca’ Foscari’s in Venice, Italy. The international award recognises outstanding creative contributions towards climate change orientated communications initiatives. The competition jury recognises Brandalism’s COP21 Climate Talks intervention as making a substantial contribution towards ethical communications around the issue of climate…

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Brandalism in Brussels to Protest TTIP-CETA Free Trade Deals

01 Nov 2016

Brandalism In Brussels To Protest TTIP-CITA Free Trade Deals Over 80 artworks were installed in bus stop advertising spaces in Brussels this morning ahead of mass protests expected this week against the CETA and TTIP free trade deals. The artist collective responsible for the action ‘Brandwashing’ was inspired by a similar ‘Brandalism’ project during United Nations COP21 climate talks in 2015 in Paris.  ‘Brandwashing’ aim to hightlight the links between advertising, corporate lobbying and the power of multinationals.    …

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Black Lives Matter x Brandalism – In The Streets

28 Oct 2016

Black Lives Matter Get Their Messages Out In The Streets Each year the number of deaths in police custody rises. Black Lives Matter and UFCC are putting that message out on the streets, while state institutions stay silent. On Wednesday morning London and Manchester woke up to bus stop adverts – apparently from the Home Office – but subverted and repurposed to highlight the issue of deaths in custody. They’re designed by Black Lives Matter UK (BLM UK) to draw…

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David Crowley – ‘On Advertising’ (The Poster Remediated)

14 Jul 2016

    Below is the essay ‘On Advertising’ by curator David Crowley from the exhibition catalogue for ‘The Poster Remediated’, 25th International Poster Biennial, Poster Museum, Warsaw. Professor David Crowley is Head of Critical Writing in Art & Design, Royal College of Art, London.   ‘On Advertising’   Do you recall the adverts which you passed this morning on your way to school or work? If you took a bus or train, was it decorated with enticements to consume? Was…

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