One bank, two sides – HSBC’s brand comes under renewed attack

14 Apr 2021

Satirical HSBC posters have again appeared across billboard and bus stop advertising spaces in Britain critiquing HSBC’s heavy financing of fossil fuel projects around the world. Around 100 posters appeared in six (currently undisclosed) English cities. A poster artwork by Darren Cullen reads: “Some crisis are so urgent they require immediate action, like when we froze the bank accounts of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. But for other crisis, like catastrophic global warming, our shareholders require a slower more relaxed…

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Over 250 statirical HSBC posters appear on UK billboards, bus stops and tube ad spaces

05 Nov 2020

Dozens of anonymous installation teams in 15 British cities have installed a range of HSBC poster artworks in a ‘right of reply’ to the bank’s recent ad campaign. The artworks highlight the things we don’t see in HSBC’s official adverts: such as the £67 billion worth of investments in fossil fuel projects it has invested since 2016. This includes financing for fracked gas, oil drilling resulting in deforestation and gas extraction projects which has led to community displacement and human…

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