Carbon offsets don’t work: billboard takeover spotlight NatWest’s climate policies ahead of COP26 climate talks

23 Oct 2021

23 October 2021 The murky climate policies of NatWest bank have been laid bare in a guerrilla billboard campaign across 20 UK cities this week. Ad spaces have been taken over with satirical NatWest ads spotlighting questionable loopholes in the bank’s climate policy. The policy allegedly allows NatWest to continue financing fossil fuel companies as long as they proclaim to ‘offset’ their carbon emissions. While the bank has been getting a reputation boost over its green credentials as one of…

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#BanFossilAds campaign targets advertising agencies over work with highly polluting clients

12 Oct 2021

In France, Belgium and across the UK, an ad hack campaign has targeted leading advertising agencies including Ogilvy, MediaCom and VCCP over their role in the climate crisis. Over 200 billboard and bus stop posters installed without permission in over 20 towns and cities link the advertising agencies with their high carbon clients such as Shell, BP, Jaguar Land Rover and British Airways.  The action was part of four days of grassroots actions to protest fossil advertising and sponsorships, under…

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17 year old snorkel instructor in Australia inspires UK spoof ad campaign against HSBC’s greenwashing

30 Sep 2021

A 17 year-old snorkel instructor who lives by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has inspired a guerilla art campaign against HSBC bank in Britain this week. Following Ava’s challenge to HSBC over their “blatant greenwash”, Brandalism partnered up with Fossil Free London to create a guerilla art campaign of spoof HSBC adverts on billboards and bus stops in London, Brighton and Bristol. For press enquiries contact Tona Merriman, +44 7440 703 870 brandalism[at] Shearer, who is from Port Douglas, Queensland…

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Barclays #FossilBank – revealing the true role of Barclays in the climate crisis

21 Sep 2021

Activists have hijacked ad spaces in 20 UK towns and cities to highlight Barclays’ continued funding of fossil fuels and deforestation, in the run up to COP26 As Barclays prepares to announce a new climate policy, more than 200 mock adverts have been installed at billboards and bus stops across the UK. The spoof ads spotlight Barclays’ role in financing climate breakdown, adding to growing public pressure for big banks to clean up their act.  Dubbed ‘the dirtiest bank in…

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Dodgy banks out of football: Standard Chartered Bank’s fossil fuel investments exposed on Liverpool billboards

11 May 2021

Liverpool has seen its billboards and bus stops ‘hacked’ by activists over the weekend, in a campaign to expose Liverpool sponsor Standard Chartered for its fossil fuel links. Over 50 posters and billboards have appeared across the city, critiquing the the bank’s continued financing of destructive fossil fuel projects in South-East Asia. Standard Chartered is a UK bank that’s little known in its home country. Most of its customers are in South-East Asia, where it operates large numbers of retail…

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One bank, two sides – HSBC’s brand comes under renewed attack

14 Apr 2021

Satirical HSBC posters have again appeared across billboard and bus stop advertising spaces in Britain critiquing HSBC’s heavy financing of fossil fuel projects around the world. Around 100 posters appeared in six (currently undisclosed) English cities. A poster artwork by Darren Cullen reads: “Some crisis are so urgent they require immediate action, like when we froze the bank accounts of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. But for other crisis, like catastrophic global warming, our shareholders require a slower more relaxed…

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